1. How can we make a reservation? A 50% deposit is to be paid within 24 hours of reservation. You will receive PayPal payment request.( Please note that it is not necessary to have a PayPal account, all credit cards are accepted)
  2. What is the maximum fisherman per boat? Four people (plus guide). Children must be 8 years old and up in order to fish.
  3. Can we bring alcohol on board? Yes, reasonably, cans only.
  4. How much is a fishing permit and can we get one through your services? We can buy the permit if you make the request, the cost per family is (including children under 18 and living at the same address).
  5. What do you mean by 100% satisfaction guaranteed? If you do not catch a fish your trip will be free. We do not guarantee a catch if the weather or water conditions are bad or if the fishermen miss their catch because the fish wasn’t well shod.
  6. What are the hours? Starting time for half days are 7h00 am and 13h00 pm, for full days 7h00 am.
  7. What do we do with our catches at the end of the day? It is forbidden to gut the fish out on the boat, we give you a freezer bag for you trip back home.
  8. Where are you located? We are located at La Marina of Longueuil.
  9. Is the equipment included or can we bring our own? All material is included, fishing rods, baits as well as floating vests. You can also bring your own if you prefer.
  10. Do you have liability insurance? We do have a 2 million$ liability insurance on the boat as well as 1 million$ liability insurance on the docks. Our boat is approved by Transports Canada.
  11. Can we organize a corporate event? Yes we can. Contact us for more information.
  12. Is there a shuttle service? Yes, a shuttle service is available we use cabs with reasonable fees.
  13. What kind of fish can we catch? Depending on the time of year, from the first week of May you will be able to catch pikes, from May 15th you can add walleyes and from the third week of June all species are available. The sturgeon fishing ends October 31st.
  14. In case of rain you can expect the following! If it rains very hard all day we can reschedule otherwise we have rain gear plus our boat is equipped with a rooftop.
  15. Is the deposit refundable? Only if you cancel one week prior to the reservation or if it is impossible to reschedule the outing due to bad weather conditions. (Very strong winds, violent storm watch in effect or any other weather conditions considered unsafe) the boat has a rooftop for light rain condition.
  16. How about local fishermen? If you have your own boat and are already fishing on the St-Lawrence River, we unfortunately can’t offer you any services. We are not an outfitter service company.
  17. What about geolocation? We will ask you to turn off all geolocation devices while fishing. (locals only)
  18. When do you offer your services? We are open from the first week of May and we close the second week of December.
  19. Can we eat the fish we catch from the St-Lawrence river? Totally, the waters from the river have been sanitized over the past 25 years starting the in 80’s. According to some testings’ La Presse has done in 2013, they found that the fish from the St-Lawrence river is edible and couldn’t find any problems with its consumption. See link below: http://www.lapresse.ca/voyage/destinations/quebec/montreal/201301/11/01-4610646-de-la-peche-sur-glace-dans-le-vieux-port.php


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